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THAT!THAT! ChillGlass, whiskey on ice, freeze cup

Genuine Taste - Smooth to the Last Drop.
Refreezable fluid sealed within double glass walls provides long-lasting chill.
Maintains liquor flavor and requires no ice cubes.

Product Description

Crystal clear and imbued with cooling fluid, this amazing glass chills any beer or liquor ice-free! Simply pre-freeze, and pour slowly. Drink will swiftly cool, stay cool, and never get watered down.

Heat resistant borosilicate glass is safe, clean and residue-free.
Cork sleeve absorbs moisture, grips well and is soft to the touch.
Smooth, rounded rims.

Highly heat resistant glass is safe, sturdy. The glass can withstand heat up to 180°
C, cold down to -20°C, and a 120°instant temperature change.
Sleek, smooth surface resists dust and dirt, is easy to clean and maintain, and repels odor.


Whiskey glass: 230ml / 8oz, 97mm (H) x 86mm (Rim diameter)
Beer glass: 500ml / 17oz, 167mm (H) x 84mm (Rim diameter)

Additional Information

SGS-certified for US FDA and German LFGB for safe contact with food.


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