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THAT!ThawTHAT! Modern, defrosting meat, dethaw tray

Turboboost your thawing
Easier cooking, better flavor

With a unique heat exchange design that defrosts food quickly and naturally.

Convenient, sanitary, green, delectable

Product Description

ThawTHAT! Modern easily solves frozen food’s biggest dilemma: defrosting. With it, you don’t have to choose between insanitary, traditional room temperature defrosting and taste-defiling microwave defrosting. Just cook up healthy, great tasting meals, trouble free!

It’s unique, highly thermal conductive metallic body provides ultra fast heat exchange.
Features a slight tilt that guides melted liquid towards the integrated drip tray.
Side mounted silicone gel strips keep your countertop safe from scratch free.


Dimension: 321mm x 200mm x 20mm
Weight: 1.5kg
Colour: Silver

Additional Information

SGS-certified for FDA and LFGB for safe contact with food.


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