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THAT!SpreadTHAT! II, heated butterknife

Butter spreader knife
Highly thermo conductive copper alloy construction, edged with wave-like serrated blade.
Smart heat transfers, intuitive use.
Roundly serrated blade is easy to handle.

Product Description

Spread butter easily with transferred body heat. Great butter needs refrigeration to stay fresh, but spreading rock-hard butter is tough and frustrating.

Integrating innovative materials and cutting edge technology, THAT! forges a highly thermal conductive alloy and makes a unique butter knife that transfers hand warmth to the blade-without electricity, without pre-heating. With nothing but transferred body heat, SpreadTHAT! II scrapes and spread cold, hard, butter effortlessly.

Refined, low-key metallic sheen.
PVD nanoparticle coating.
Just hold it to heat it-intuitive and energy-free.


Weight: 113g
Dimension: 175mm x 20mm
Material: copper/ with physical vapor deposition surface; titanium plated
Colour: silver, rose gold and black with red and black logo

Additional Information

SpreadTAHT! series
are SGS-certified for US FDA and German LFGB for safe contact with food.
No heavy metals, no toxicant content.


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