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DOT designWoodpecker Stapler(No.10)

The designer​ was inspired by the sound of a woodpecker knocking on the wood. The woodpecker stapler is magnetic on the bottom and can be attached to the iron surface.

Product Description

Dong, dong, dong~ Is it the sound of a woodpecker knocking on the wood?​ Not at all, it is just someone using a stapler. That's the designer's concept for this product, using a woodpecker shape and entertain its user. One detail about this design is that if you insert a magnet at the bottom, you can put the stapler on a whiteboard.


Size:11.2(l) x 2.3(w) x 5.8(h) cm
Main uses:For paper binding.
Limit:No.10 staple, can put into 50 staples.
Binding thickness:2-25 sheets
Material :Bamboo/ Beech,Walnut wood,steel plate


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