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DOT designFireproof Pot

There are many methods of cooking in a Fireproof Pot. Its’ concept mixes the “steaming” and “boiling” of cooking.

Product Description

The designer creates the pot with modern style and its coloring is used marbling which feels like real marble material. The shape of pot is neat and simple. Furthermore, the designer creates new styles in the cooking.
The Fireproof Pot brings a triple sense for a user, is include the vision, the tactile, and the function.
The Fireproof Pot has three methods to cook- basic stew, open style to steam cook and close style to steam cook. By these ways, we can keep the food’s original flavor well on the different layer.


4-6 people use
Material: High-heat Ceramic
Size: 245(D)×312(W)×240(H) mm
Design: Dot Design Co.,Ltd
Manufacturer: Five.Lucky Co., Ltd.


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