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eyecandlePersian Cat Candle - yellow and white

eye candle animal glass eyes collection - Persian Cat

Product Description

Persian cats are characterized by its round face, short muzzle, and glorious long hair.
This brand new animal collection has some breakthrough in the technique and arrangement. The improvement in a more realistic and detailed hair and a two-way placement design to show different looks from the dogs/cats. The eyes are made from colored beaded glass. Not only make it more vivid but also can reflect glimpses of flare when burning in dark.


height ≈ 11cm
weight ≈ 0.46kg

Additional Information

1. Trim the wick. (Maintain the wick at about 1/4 inch)
2. Place the candle in a sturdy container to collect dripping wax.
3. Clear the area around the candle.
4. Light the wick.


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