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ZONE 272SHAPING Leather Cruet Vase - Divide Series #001

SHAPING is a flower vase made entirely out of leather.
This unconventional flower vase is the perfect décor for a touch of contemporary elegance in your space.

Product Description

The Leather Cruet Vase - Divide Series device utilizes the characteristics of the vegetable tanned leather to molded the flat leather into a three-dimensional vase ;
Hand-made, designed to create a space after molding, with brass lustrous luster, can be directly decorated with dry flowers or independent furnishings, are unique home accessories. The back is specially designed to correspond to the appearance of the stand and the hanging hole, and the vase can be presented in different viewing angles.


Additional Information
1.The color and texture of leather change with time and use.
2.The product is 100% handmade, which is presented by natural molding, so slight variations in size are to be expected.
3. If the leather product is exposed to water, gently wipe the water off with a dry cloth and leave it in the shade to dry. Do not blow-dry or put the product in direct sunlight.
4. If you can't accept natural leather or hand-made unique lines, please don't place an order.

Additional Information

Material:Vegetable tanned leather
Dimensions: H25 W13.5 D5.5cm
Made in Taiwan


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