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nozzle quizLANDING S3 Pink Air Midcalf Socks

Series LANDING is Present it in a more subtle design with a familiar method playing around textures and structures.

Product Description

It well-known of its exaggerating colour block, as well as the knitting details inside.
Capture the scenes what is familiar to public on the street,and re-construct them wildly.

also providing you perfect comfortability. Let you become outstanding from others.
We pursue unique in socks design, not only functional, but also distinctive in details.
We create more thoughtful and fresh design in socks.

continuously, nozzle quiz announced 4 latest colourways as 2019 spring collection which each colour matched your spring daily outfit.


Style : LANDING S3
Color : Pink Air
Size : 22~28CM
Composition : 54%Cotton 36%Nylon 7%Eagelon 3%Lycra


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