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eyecandleStormtrooper ceramics Incense Holder Set

Stormtrooper ceramics Incense Holder Set, made by traditional ceramics factory of Yingge.

Product Description

This set have above part and below part. The lower is the space for placing incense.
After burning the incense, the smoke will come out from the hole of it’s surface.
Stormtrooper using the ceramics craft of crazed china, which contain the process of soil mold / glazing / kiln.
This craft under the action of time, the glaze is gradually cracked into different marks on the surface due to the difference in shrinkage ratio, and the body will not change.
Originally, it was a mistake in the firing of porcelain. When people mastered the rule of natural cracking, it became a special crack glaze.


Height ≈ 10cm
Weight: 0.74kg
Material: ceramics
Each box has a Stormtrooper ceramics Incense Holder and a box of incense.

All eye candle products are HAND MADE IN TAIWAN.


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