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apollofiber inside®Far-Infrared Heating Pad (with fitted sheet)

• apollofiber inside® technology
• Far-Infrared Radiation
• Heat-settings
• Time-settings (AUTOMATIC shut-off in 1h, 2h, 4h, 8h)
• Ultra-low power consumption (only 43W)
• Over-temperature protection

Product Description

apollofiber inside® technology
• Every fiber interwoven with thermal conductivity
• Uniform and consistent heating
• 2 years warranty

Far-Infrared Radiation
(certificated by Taiwan Textile Research Institute)
• it helps to improve body function
• boosts the metabolic rate and rejuvenates the cells

Three Major Uses:
Living - can be placed on Bed, Sofa
Medical - postoperative recovery or daily healthcare
Outdoor - keep warm in a cold situation


Adapter:DC 19V / 72W
Size:70cm x 147cm


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