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Compact yet having a lot storage, Urban wallet provides an alternative for your daily life in the city. Whether you go,Urban Wallet can easily pack your everyday necessary.

Product Description

Light & Waterproof
High-frequency technique, urban wallet was given excellent waterproofness and incredibly simple shape.

Urban Wallet 3 different carrying methods can handle any situations and match your different style.
It is carefully designed to adapt a variety of scenarios, while easily storing all of your belongings. This fully featured wallet also provides multiple ways to wear, the strap can be hooked horizontally, vertically, and also diagonally to go with your overall looks.


Length: 193mm Depth: 22mm
Width: 117mm Weight: 165g
Material : CORDURA

Additional Information

• cash locations x2

• cards x6 ~12+

• zip pocket x1

• ticket, earphone, passport location x2

• sim card locations x2

• memory stick locations x1

• iphone plus


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