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About Twowgo

Born out of the desire for more exciting products, Twowgo was founded in 2018 to serve as a platform to discover, share, spread and promote talented homegrown products from Taiwanese designers and crowdfunding projects.

We believe that the products we use everyday defines who we are as a person. These essentials help shape and form our habits. They have the ability to alter and fundamentally change our way of working, communicating, learning and such.

That’s why at Twowgo, we strive to bring you a wide selection of carefully curated items that we think will improve the quality of your lives. We want to ensure the design are always fresh and one of a kind. We aim to bring out the unique and creative side of Taiwan and share it with the rest of the world.

We are as seekers for innovative ideas, and love the concept of crowdfunding. Every individual has a chance to turn the unique ideas into reality, creating a lifestyle or culture it envisions.

For that very reason, we also set our eyes on all crowdfunding projects with great potentials. Using our leverage as a marketing platform, we hope to promote and support these creative projects to come to life.

Just like you, we are lovers of awesome products. It’s literally what got us started with this amazing website. We will continue to enrich contents and great ideas, so join our community and watch out for more cool stuff right now!